EASY, WEARABLE St. Pat’s Day Green Eyes☘️☘️

EASY, WEARABLE St. Pat’s Day Green Eyes☘️☘️


In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, I felt inspired to look through my makeup collection and put together an easy, wearable green eye look.

I am definitely not a person that wears a lot of color on my eyes, I keep it pretty neutral. I’m in the process of trying to get out of my comfort zone and create looks that are a little bit more creative and colorful. The goal was to put together a look that is super approachable and achievable for everyone. The end result kind of had Tinker Bell vibes which was totally unexpected and pretty!

Here’s the products needed: 

[Note: I try not to over-emphasize one particular palette, I think it inspires creativity to pull from different sources to customize your own look using things you might already own!] 

  • Your favorite matte bronzer [I used Marc Jacobs O!Mega Bronzer Coconut Perfect Tan–I LOVE and highly recommend]:Start with a matte bronzer. Using wind-shield wiper motion all over the crease and slightly above, build up color using a fluffy blending brush. The goal here is to create some dimension to your crease, using the bronzer as your transition shade. Don’t worry about being precise with this, its ok if you get color on your lid.
    • Next, go back in with the bronzer and gently tap (using soft patting motions) the bronzer to your outer crease with a a more defined, precise crease brush to further help define your eye and add even more dimension to your look.
    • Finally, use a clean blending brush to smooth out any harsh lines.
  • Optional Extra Step: Use a dark hunter/olive green shade to even further darken and add dimension to your eye by patting to outer crease. Use your bronzer to blend it all in and eliminate harsh lines. I used the Natasha Denona Pallet #8 with the shade “Dark Sepia” for this —again, this step totally optional. You can stop with the bronzer and have a beautiful look. If you’re interested, I’ll list other great dark green shades from other palettes you may own– I know ND is a splurge! Message me with questions about this.
      • Great alternative pallets I own with dark greens:
        • Too Faced Sweet Peach and Too Faced Chocolate Bar both have great dark greens
        • Makeup Revolution, Reloaded Basic Mattes has a green that would work–it just requires some building up!
        • ABH Sultry Pallet 
  • For the lid: ColourPop’s Super Shock Shadow in the shade “IRL” The last step for this look is to pat on this cream eye shadow shade to the lid, using a flat sided brush or your finger for more pigmentation.
    • “IRL” is a super gorgeous, unique shade that is described as a green-yellow/bronze duochrome.
    • (PSA: ColourPop.com is having a limited time site-wide sale–Everything is 20% at the moment!!)Get “IRL” here: Colourpop.com
    • Alternatively, you can use the green shade “Bombshell” in the Persona Identity Eye Shadow Palette (an absolute must-have!!) to achieve a very similar look. Love, love, LOVE this pallet.Get that pallet here: Ulta.com
  • Finally: Curl those lashes and apply mascara I really wanted the emphasis for this look to be on the green colors, so I decided to skip eyeliner (I have small eyes so liner tends to take color away)
    • Mascara really finishes off the look!
      • I love using the L’Oreal Lash Paradise for this
    • If you are feeling super glam and fabulous, add some falsies!


Here’s my final look: Same eye, different lighting

IMG-2311 (1)C27B2D6A-9199-42D6-8F87-9F3CFC9E379E

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!!



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What I’m Loving Wednesday

What I’m Loving Wednesday

What I’m Loving Wednesday   

Oh Hey!

This will be my first post in my series of What I’m Loving Wednesdays (WILW). I want to feature a variety of products of my current obsessions from makeup, skincare, or other random lifestyle loves.

Sooooooo…..Let’s chat about some of my current hump day faves!


1. Minimalist Whipped Powder Blush — Shiseido

Some important information you should know about me is that I really like blush. Like really, really alot. I find that I frequently look at myself in natural light and become horrified when I realize my makeup accidently took a Ronald McDonald turn.

That being said, this blush is soooooo good.

I purchased this whipped blush on a complete whim on the Sephora website in the shade “Sonoya”, described as a warm pink. I was having issues with my skin’s current dry spell [see last blog about my Dry Skin Must-Haves], so I NEEDED something to mitigate the dried out makeup days I’d been dealing with.

A “whipped, powder blush” is exactly the consistency this product offers. In the jar, it does have a whipped, air-like texture that blends into a super lightweight powder. I have found that putting a few dots of it on the apple of your cheek, and gently blending toward your temple while pressing into the skin with a stipple brush works great. It blends effortlessly into a creamy, dreamy powder-like texture that sits on the skin so beautifully and doesn’t emphasize texture or pores. The overall effect is a natural, skin-like flush of color that makes you look like a Disney Princess.

It doesn’t take much product to build up to the amount of color that I want, so I would use a light hand on your first few applications. In addition to looking amazing on the skin, the staying power of this blush is seriously impressive. I could apply this at 10AM and it will still be holding pretty strong by 9PM. If you are a blush-a-holic like me or just need a fresh addition to your makeup routine, give this one a try!

A+, Shiseido.

Link to Sephora for Shiseido Whipped Powder Blush: https://tinyurl.com/y5v4vhz7

**Swatch of Blush in the shade “Sonoya” built up with 2 layers with flash:  (FYI: it pulls a little more coral on my skin):

2. Combo of Boi-ing Brightening Concealer by Benefit Cosmetics & NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

PB&J, Surf & Turf, Salt & Pepper, Burger & Fries, Pizza & Ranch dressing (…wait is that weird?)

Are y’all getting my drift?

Some combinations of things go perfect together; They compliment each other in all the right ways and are just meant to be BFF. I have some serious dark circles under my eyes. Like very dark/purple/grey “have-you-ever-slept-a-night-your-life?” level. I find that very full coverage concealers work to a certain extent, but I can rarely get the color correction, brightness, and hydrated look (the under-eye holy grail) from a single product. The beauty of using Boi-ing Brightening along with the NARS is that you can achieve this holy-grail look with 2 products that truly work together to give such a smooth, bright effect. First, I’ll apply the Boi-ing Brightening in the shade medium under my eyes before applying my foundation. It is a pot concealer, so the consistency is a little more rich than other formulations. I would recommend working with it in layers to achieve your level of coverage–a little goes a pretty long way. This step gives the color-correction factor from the peach undertones it has. [Side note: I love using a damp sponge or my Sephora Mini Flawless Airbrush to blend in both products.] After the foundation is on, I’ll immediately go in with my NARS Radiant Concealer in the shade Cannelle to further correct darkness and provide a perfect highlighted effect. I would like to add that these products are awesome when used alone—I simply love them together because they blend so well and can really elevate your overall look.

I do tend to always set my under eyes with a powder [I’ve got several ones that I love—–more on that later]. The powder really does lock in the staying-power of the products and smooths out any potential creasing. With this process, I really achieve the brightness I want while avoiding the cakey look some heavier coverage products tend to come with. All and all, this is a gorgeous combination of products I highly recommend to try out together!

Link to Sephora for Boi-ing Brightening: https://tinyurl.com/yyz9jodt and

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer: https://tinyurl.com/y6xy9jzs
3. Evil Eye Necklace

One of the trends that I am loving at the moment is the Evil Eye design. The evil eye is said to ward off bad energy or misfortune that can come from another person’s “evil” stare. I don’t know for sure if this has protected me from bad luck, but it is definitely a gorgeous piece of jewelry. I get compliments on it every time I wear it. It is so versatile and looks great with everything—wear it with your yoga pants or date night. I found this necklace on Amazon and was really impressed with the quality of it for 12 bucks (I have the gold one, but it also comes in silver)—such an awesome buy!

Get the necklace here: https://amzn.to/2Fa6tEv


4. Essence Pure Nude Highlighter– Shade is “Be My Hightlight”

If y’all pick up any of my product recommendations today— buy this one!! You guys, this is probably one of my favorite makeup products of all time. If you want to look like a radiant goddess with a dreamy glow, this is the one for you. I have never been one that loves the “glowing from outer space” kind of highlights, it makes me self-conscious that my pores are going to be on display and sometimes looks like a stripe of glitter on my cheek. This is the PERFECT product because it creates the most realistic, lit-from-within luminosity and sits on the skin like butter (it’s also less than $5!!!). It is the ultimate day-to-day highlighter because it isn’t overly bright or glittery and pulls together any look with a satin-like sheen. As a bonus, it looks so pretty as an eyeshadow! I would describe the “Be My Highlight” shade as a pearl-like tone (my personal favorite), but it also comes in a darker, more gold shade (“Sunlighter”) for medium-deeper skin tones that I also have and highly recommend. This product is just all-around delicious!

Get the “Be My Highlight” Shade Here: https://amzn.to/2VWTD1S

Another great option for darker skin tones “Sunlighter”: https://amzn.to/2ChYEL9

**Swatches of Highlights with flash: Top is “Be My Highlight”, bottom is “Sunlighter”



5. Lastly, my 16-year old Poodle 😉


So there you have it, a few random things that are making me oh-so-happy at the moment.

Send me your thoughts or questions!!



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